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Colic Calm worked a treat for my newborn daughter. I didn’t want to use anything but a natural remedy for wind and none of the other products on the market worked. Colic Calm gave my daughter instant relief and she no longer suffers from digestive problems. This is a great product which is worth its weight in gold!

Lauri T.
Huntly, NZ

Colic calm is simply the best thing that has happened to our family. From birth my son had suffered from colic and wind so severely, he would scream after every feed and pull his legs up to his chest. On average he would scream for 6hrs a day/night in pain. We had tried everything on the market I even cut out products in my diet and was about to give up, until a lady at playcenter suggested Colic Calm. I was a bit skeptical about it as I had tried everything and nothing worked and had spent so much money already, but I went on to order some anyway and within a day of giving Colic Calm to him (not the full dosage) we saw huge results. No more pulling his legs up and for the first time in 9weeks he was a happy chappy with a full belly. Thank you this product is truly amazing. 

Ursula N.
Porirua, NZ

Thank you so much for this great product. It has amazing results and has helped our baby a lot. We really appreciate the quick shipping for all our orders so far.

Auckland, NZ

I tried every natural Colic remedy under the sun with my twin boys – unfortunately nothing seemed to help.  Luckily after a bit of internet searching I came upon Colic Calm and ordered a bottle. I’ve found Colic Calm to be amazing stuff. It really helps with trapped wind and many a time has turned a screaming baby into a calm baby in a matter of minutes! Great stuff, I’m very happy to recommend.

Anna P.
Grey Lynn, NZ

During some of my most desperate hours in the middle of the night I searched the net (baby screaming in the background) for something to help him with his wind. I found Colic Calm and wondered whether it would just be another gimmick or whether it would actually work (I had tried so many other products).  I was so relieved that every night after he had his Colic Calm he brought up his wind within a minute. It is the one product I recommend to friends if they are having any issues with colic or wind.

Kym W.
Manawatu, NZ

I got it yesterday afternoon and WOW. Are you sure Colic Calm is OK as it has had amazing results just over one evening. My wee man slept so well last night and woke up with a big grin this morning! Thank you so much for making the effort to bring this stuff to NZ. I will be ordering more and recommending your site :) Thanks again

Donna S.
Wellington, NZ

After the hardest sleepless nights with my wee girl and her digestive issues in the first few months of her life, I found that out of all the homeopathic remedies I tried, Colic Calm was the only product that seemed to help. I highly recommend this product and will certainly be using this in the future when the need arises. Thank you

Janet S.
Nelson, NZ

What a fantastic product. Our little girl suffers from colic and we tried couple of other products before Colic Calm but they weren’t really helping. She is a lot calmer and happier since she started taking Colic Calm. Thank you for bring the product to NZ.

Claire H.
Auckland, NZ

I just wanted to say that we had tried every piece of advice to help with our baby daughter’s colic and every product available to no avail until we tried colic calm. We immediately saw an improvement and our little girl was so much happier and slept much better. She loved the taste and looked forward to her nightly dose which we gulped down with pleasure. Thanks for making all our lives easier. Although she is now 11 months old and no longer needs it I wanted to let others know that this product really works when they are searching for an answer.

Sarah A.
Hikuai, NZ

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