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2-Pack Infant Probiotics Drops+D3 from Colic Calm 1.5 billion CFU, 5 strain (Double Deal)

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Boost your little one's health with our 2-Pack Infant Probiotics + D3 Drops featuring 1.5 billion CFU of beneficial 5-strain bacteria and added Vitamin D3 for strong bones and a healthy immune system. Save now with this two-month supply.

CalmCo Probiotic + D Vitamin, in convenient premixed drops, is a comprehensive solution for newborns. With 5 beneficial bacterial strains, it supports immune health, regular stool frequency, nurtures gut flora, and supports strong bone development with D3.  Ideal for long-term support for bloating and stomach upset. For caesarean-born infants, supporting a healthy gut flora population.

Especially tailored for breastfed babies, each serving includes 400 IU of essential vitamin D. Delivering a potent dose, it contains 1.5 billion good bacteria per serving.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Premixed Drops

Vitamin D (400 IU vitamin D3)

5 Beneficial Bacterial Strains

1.5 billion Good Bacteria: Potent dose

Supports Immune Health

Supports regular Stool Frequency

Nurtures Gut Flora

Supports Strong Bone Development

Long-term Support for Bloating and Stomach Upset

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