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Probiotic+D3 Drops from Colic Calm - Baby, Toddler, Child, 15ml

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  • With Additional Vitamin D3 (400IU)
  • Daily probiotic nutritional supplement, for infant and child gut and digestive health*
  • 5-strain formulation w/ live cultures, 1.5 billion CFU/serving
  • Provides friendly gut bacteria that contribute to supporting a developing baby’s effective intestinal health
  • Natural and healthy immune support associated with colic, nausea, gas, and constipation*
  • Suitable from newborn
  • 15ml, 30 doses total; recommend 0.5ml daily orally or in baby bottle

CalmCo Probiotic + D Vitamin, in convenient premixed drops, is a comprehensive solution for newborns. With 5 beneficial bacterial strains, it supports immune health, regular stool frequency, nurtures gut flora, and supports strong bone development with D3.  Ideal for long-term support for bloating and stomach upset. For caesarean-born infants, supporting a healthy gut flora population.

Especially tailored for breastfed babies, each serving includes 400 IU of essential vitamin D. Delivering a potent dose, it contains 1.5 billion good bacteria per serve.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Premixed Drops

Supports Immune Health

Supports regular Stool Frequency

Nurtures Gut Flora

Supports Strong Bone Development

Long-term Support for Bloating and Stomach Upset

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Dosage Instructions